Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring excellence and expertise to the compounding pharmacy community by embracing the student pharmacist and asking them to step forward, participate in this initiative, and in doing so bring forth a sense of pride and prestige to themselves and their college.

Our mission is to enrich the pharmacy student with a rewarding and positive experience in pharmacy compounding; to have pharmacy students ascribe to a higher standard of continuous quality improvement; and to strengthen the integrity of compounding by conveying a message of excellence.

Our Shared Vision

Our vision is to:

  • Provide pharmacy students exposure to elements of high quality compounding pharmacy practice:
    • Preparation of final dosage forms
    • Clinical investigation
    • Formulation development
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Standards of practice
  • Provide pharmacy students a forum for expression as newcomers to the compounding pharmacy practice community